Cardio FX

Cardio FX by The Peoples Chemist is by far one of my most top cardiovascular system support supplements. This is one of my regulars in my supplement stack for the last five years at least. Usage is 3 caps 2 x a day, ideally prior to working out. I take 3 caps about 20-30 minutes before my weight or cycle training, and usually first thing in the morning for regular maintenance.

Inside these gelatin caps we have Hawthorn which is used for all sorts of cardiovascular and digestive related illness. Grape Seed Extract currently used for circulatory health, high cholesterol, eye disease related to diabetes, and more. Magnesium Citrate, only needed in every single tissue in the body to keep our machine running properly. Last but not least, Garlic Powder, protecting our circulatory systems from disease for centuries. Each one of these ingredients is a great complement to any cardiovascular maintenance program. Combine them all and we get a really great, well rounded supplement that helps maintain circulation, blood pressure, clotting factors, and more. Check them out here, thepeopleschemist/cardiofx . As far as I know you can only purchase directly from their website, lots of other good supplements on there too. I like all of their products and will eventually get around to reviewing each one. Be sure to take a look at my other favorite cardiovascular support product UnoCardio X2 !

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